Little Ratties Rattery

Reserving / Waiting List

To be put on the waiting list for upcoming rats, please send me an email with the Adoption Application below.

The waiting list goes by first come - first served basis. (Reserved in order of applications received) Our rattery gets first choice if we would like to keep a baby.

Our rats must be adopted in same sex pairs, unless you already have rats of the same sex or an altered rat of opposite sex, but we prefer they are adopted in pairs. This is because rats are very social animals and should have a companion rat living with them.

If there are not enough babies from the current litter you will be moved to the following litter's waiting list.

Adoption Application

 All potential adopters will need to fill out this adoption application if you are interested in a ratty. Once submitted, I will respond within 24 hours, usually only a couple hours, depending whether I'm on the computer or not. *Just copy and paste into an email, fill out and send.  Here is the Application-




City & State:

Do you have any other rats? Genders, how many, etc?:

What cage will they be housed in?:

What type of bedding / food will you use?:

What are your plans? (Pet, Breed, Show, etc.):

Do you have a vet that sees rats?:

Are you looking to adopt male or female? Also, how many?:

If your preferred sex wasn't available would you be willing to adopt the opposite sex or prefer to wait for the following litter?:

*Note: The wait for males will be much shorter than females.

Any other comments/questions:

Adoption Fee

Single Rat- $15

Same Sex Pair- $25

Picking up your rat

Baby rats will be ready to go at about 5 weeks old.

We can schedule your pick up when the rats are close to going home with you.

I will bring the rat/s to work with me and you can pick them up there. I do not allow pick ups at my home. You can get the address from me and we can set up a time when the baby/babies is/are ready to go.

Bring a carrier for your rat/s when you pick them up.

I love to receive updates, please keep me updated on how they are doing and don't hesitate to ask any questions. Thanks!

Email -